Sunday, March 1, 2009 you think this photo illicits the actual pain?  I may spend the next few days being supported by 'crutches' because I was too stubborn to accept defeat.  (And, consequently, take time off).  What seems like the most difficult winter thus far, I am now dealing with acute tendonitis in my right knee.  I thought that if I took 8 advil prior to the race, I would be able to race pain free.  And then, be pain free post race as well.  Well, this logic did not get me anywhere, besides the couch.  I have been prescribed rest, anti-inflammatories, and ice.  Bummer.  What a reward for trying to be healthy!  At any rate, maybe I will learn to play that guitar, navigate my new IMAC,  and/or brew some beer.  Believe it or not, I still finished 2nd in this race...  I would have to say that the mind is the strongest muscle in our body.

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