Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...charging down the Shadow Trail in the Pittsfield State Forest, trying to keep Ben Nephew from reaching the finish line before me (which he inevitably did), I realized that my body was asking for more fuel.  I am by no means making reference to the American diet (Dunkin' Donuts or McDonalds) but rather raw foods, and whole grains.  Wholesome foods.  Ben would eventually go on to win the race; however, I may have lost to myself.  EAT UP KID, YOU GOT A LONG RACING SEASON AHEAD.  

At any rate, the race course was extremely demanding as was the competition.  The Herder Family (Race Course Architects and Designers) would not disappoint the hardiest group of athletes ever to assemble in the PSF.  Curly's Record Run was a success.  Thank you for all of the volunteers and the athletes who are motivating me to live well.    

I was satisfied with my second place finish...

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