Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have chosen to start a blog while simultaneously having chosen to begin a much healthier lifestyle...  in terms of diet and nutrition.  At this point, I am certainly not guilty of being
sedentary but rather the victim of poor diet choices.  My goal, will then be, to eat more whole 
grains, fresh produce, and soy.  I have chosen to eliminate 'fast food' from my diet for the last 11 years...  so I am inclined to believe that I am one step ahead of the shoeshiner.

I write this message on day 6 of a supposed 'Berkshire County Bug'.  I would like to think that I am exhausted, but the 'sweat chill fever' and the sore throat might indicate otherwise.  So, it is with my intention to strive for a healthier lifestyle that I find myself motivated to create this blog.

In addition, I do have some unusual habits which might compliment the blog:  Unicycle hockey, Ultra-running, Whitewater Kayaking, Juggling, and Triathlon training.

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