Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday's 6M Moody Springs - Hallockville Road snowshoe race was as demanding as expected.  The course was designed to minimize the need for technical abilites, and intended to challenge the lactate threshold of the racer.  Depite having woken up with what felt like a 'box of nails' in my throat, I decided to race anyway.  Good idea, right?  The start was certainly casual, although Tim Mahoney managed to put a gap between Dave Dunham, Ben Nephew (eventual winner) and myself.  Tim demonstrated his fitness ~ and the all out 6M sprint course seemed to benefit his running style.  Dave, Ben and I yo-yo'ed each other for the better part of two miles.  And, then I seemed content with the fourth spot.  Or at least, that is message the body relayed to the brain.  At the half-way point, the four lead runners made a wrong turn ~ following Tim's speedy feet.  It was not until, one minute or so, that the group discovered the error.  All four runners doubled back, quickly making note of the converging runners who would not make the same mistake.  I was experiencing more fatigue than usual at this point.  I was in fact suffering.  And would have to reach deep to not only keep a healthy pace, but also avoid being passed by well-respected runners behind me.  (Including my girlfriend).    For the next mile or so, I was able to hold down the third place spot ~ but it was Tim who was having the better run.  In fact, I was going to make every effort to get him back into the chase for the top spot with the others.  On the climb, I informed Tim that I was going to go hard, and that he should come with me.  At the top, I would be done, and I knew this, but I was anxious to see him challenge Ben and/or Dave.  Tim was able to climb on my heels, and as expected, I flatlined at the top...  while offering encouragement to Tim.  As the race played out, Ben edged out Dave, with Tim finishing in the third spot.  Although, I was battling my immune system, I was content with the fourth spot.

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